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Community Pro

COMMUNITY PRO is your one stop shop for anything pertaining to your account. Here you can enroll in auto pay, update your financial institution, make payments for HOA dues, devices, mailbox change, and number change.  Please click on the HOME icon to be routed to


If you are new to the community or are an existing members who is experiencing log in issues, Please reach out to Sentry Management at (770) 389-6528 for assistance. 



New Homeowner Packet


CONGRATULATIONS on your new purchase. Please down load the new Homeowner packet and send it over to Once received, we will update your information in our call box and schedule New Owner Orientation once your records have been updated with Sentry Management. 

Please click HERE to download the New Owner Packet


If you are in need of a number change, additional gate card, or fob, please see the pricing list below. You will log into your hoabutler account and make a miscellaneous payment for your request. Please remember that you can only have a maximum of 3 devices (a combination of cards and remotes, all remotes, or all cards) and if you are a NEW HOMEOWNER, you paid for one at closing. 


Number Change: $25   Fob: $60



Providence Place is not a Condominium Association, therefore your insurance coverage must be HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE coverage that insures the entire structure including the roof. If you don't have an 'HO-3', 'Rental Dwelling', or similar policy you are not properly covered. Failure to properly insure your home may result in fines being assessed. 

***There is no Master Policy for the HOA***



Providence Place has leasing restrictions in the community and we are at maximum capacity. However,  there is a waitlist. If you wish to be added to the waitlist, please communicate this in writing and mail to the following address:

2555 Flat Shoals Rd. #3507

Atlanta, GA 30349


New Homeowner Cycle

1. Close on new Home

2. Complete & Return New Homeowner packet 

3. Our Administrator will change your number in the call box. During this time, we wait for Sentry to update their records of the new owner details.

Once records are updated, We will schedule New Owner Orientation and issue devices.

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